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Hey! Say! JUMP magazines translation especially Chinen Yuuri and Nakajima Yuuto

Welcome here!

This is community that I dedicated for my translation about Hey!Say!JUMP especially Chinen Yuuri and Nakajima Yuuto (maybe later, I will post my video subs here too). I believe mostly of you have been knew that I always post my translation my journal in kenken18  , but now I decided to make a community for that. There’s something that makes me to decide this. Because of that, if you still want to read my translation, please click join! And then I believe all of you have been know about what you have to do if you join and read my translation. Keep this translation live with never repost it in any journal, community, blog, moreover sell this translation (believe me, there are people who take my translation and get paid). In the past time, I never think to do severe thing like that (because I just think I just want to share their love for all of you), and then I regret it now. All translations in this community are LOCKED. So please click join of you wanna read my translation, and PLEASE READ THE RULES FIRST!

Thank you. Enjoy yourself here!


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