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14 July 2013 @ 03:31 pm
Duet May 2013: YY Club (Yuuri and Yuuto)  
Before you read, please follow the rules. If you want to share this article/video to your friend or other fans, please feel free to link back my journal. But please don't repost or re-translate my translation. That's rude, you know! Moreover if you admit my translation as yours, where's your manner? Keep translation alive with no repost and no re-translating!

I have translated Duet May 2013, the YY Club Part...
My favorite part always, Yuuri and Yuuto conversation.
The theme is about "Yancha", it's about like the naughty of children, don't want hear what adult say..
Everyone will experience Yancha period, they will talk about their Yancha! :D
You would be know that Yuuto or Chinen was like doing something yancha in the past.
Yuuto's Yancha in the past is a bit "ewwww" though...but CUTE. hahaha
So enjoy this!
NOTE: this is unbetaed version, so please bear with my not really good English..lol
Feel free to ask anything..

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Duet May 2013
YY Club (Yuuri and Yuuto)
Theme: Yancha

Duet 13.05 (16)
Yuuto: In the past, I was yancha. The peak period was when I was 5 or 6 grade of elementary school.
Yuuri: But Yuti’s yancha is good yancha, forgivable yancha..so it’s fine.
Yuuto: Oh! I got certification of good yancha.
Yuuri: Yuuti likes doing prank. In the past, I often see Yuti pinched Junior’s chest.
Yuuto: Junior? Ah, Snow Man?
Yuuri: Yes, yes.
Yuuto: Ah, like Watanabe (Shouta), he is older than me, but the time of me enter Johnnys is ealier than him. I was often doing surprise attack with pinching his chest. At that time, he shouted like [It’s hurt! Yuuto-kun, that’s really hurt!!]. If I think about that now, I feel like [Sorry!] though (bitter smile).
Yuuri: If he can read this, it would be good.
Yuuto: As I expected, when you were child, it’s not good when someone spoiled you with saying [You’re so cute]. Because it makes you don’t know what’s good and what’s bad (because people will always say cute even though the children do the bad or good things). That’s why even when I got role that looks cute in drama [Nobuta wo Produce], I was feel calm when I said unrespectful words to Kamenashi (Kazuya) who said [Yuuto is good for younger brother’s role]... Now if I remember about that, I feel like [Uwaaa...].
Yuuri: If your junior doing the same thing to you now, what would you do?
Yuuto: I will forgive him. Because some years after, he would certainly understand and think [I did something bad. I feel sorry].
Yuuri: The reparation of yancha in the past are when you become big/mature.
Yuuto: Yes. Then, the senpais were not see my growth process. Now, if I talk with Koyama (Keiichiro)-kun, he said something like [You already become an adult. I never imagine if I remember you in the past]. The others just said [Oh, you are already become big] to me (laugh).
Yuuri: Well, actually you are really big.
Yuuto: How about Chinen? I don’t feel you are yancha if I see your character though.
Yuuri: If speaking about my yancha’s episode, I often climbing tree in the past...yeah, I think my yancha is like that.
Yuuto: Did you ever fall from tree and get hurt?
Yuuri: Never.
Yuuto: I see. If you get hurt at that time, it would increase the value of your yancha time though (laugh). If you never get any hurt, it just [As I expected from Chinen!].
Yuuri: I am even better than monkey who can not fall from tree.
Yuuto: Hahahaha! Then, you know everything, rite? Like [I can jump with this height] or [Jumping from here is impossible]. That composure is great.
Yuuri: When I think about that, maybe I am more yancha now than in the past. I am really addicted with survival game now.
Yuuto: If “Addicted to survival game = yancha”, JUMP’s level of yancha is really high. Because Yabu-kun, Inoo-chan, Takaki-kun, and everyone except me play that game. If I have time, I want to try playing that game as well...
Yuuri: Do it, do it! Because it's really fun. Before become 20 years old, let's become yancha again!


(maybe I have to make above letter into bigger size again? therefore you can read that clearly?)

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