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08 July 2013 @ 04:00 pm
Duet June 2013 Chinen Yuuri and Nakajima Yuuto  
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Long time no see, sorry for the last post.
I am busy with my real life, so I can not translate often.
This is my latest translation: Duet June 2013
Chinen and Yuuto part.
In this article, they wewre asked about spoiled things that ever they experience, spoiled member, etc.
They were asked the opposite things as well such as the annoying experience, the member who the most strict..etc
Just enjoy this!
NOTE: this is unbeta-ed version..so please bear with my terrible English!
Feel free to ask if there is anything that you don't understand.

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Duet June 2013
Chinen Yuuri

Q1. The recent “sweet” thing/event.
When I watch [SMAPxSMAP] with the theme “the trip of 5 members”, the atmosphere among members was very sweet each other, and I become thinking their relationship is very close. Because I never see such SMAP-san who play and open like that, it was so fresh. Suddenly, it makes me to imagine that it would be good if JUMP can do trip together like that after 20 years old.

Q2. The time  that you think you spoiled yourself
I always spoiled with myself? I can not find the reason why I have to strict with myself (clearly). I leave everything around to my family. for example, when I have job in the early morning, my mother still have to wake me up.

Q3. Who is the member that you always spoil?
Inoo-chan. Maybe I am sounds rude to say something like this, but he is not good at dancing. In the middle of rest time of concert rehearsal, while I think something like [It’s better if you do free style if you really can do the dance, right?], I always enjoy to talk with him, therefore I will think [Well, it’s ok (even though he can not the dance)] uncarelessly, and I would still talk with him, and I become realize that I always spoil him.

Q4. Among JUMP, who is the sweetest member?
Ryosuke. First of all, his appearance looks sweet, maybe the sugar content is about 30%. If I make analogy, the density of sweetness is like ‘Fondant Au Chocolat’! By the way, Keito always convince that he has character of Prince Charming.

Q5. Your favorite sweets.
Tiramisu.  When I go to Italian restaurant, if I see tiramisu in the dessert menu, I will order it immediately.

Q6. The recent thing/event that makes you irritate?
Morning time in the train station, mostly everyone will walking to the same direction with the same pace, right? In the middle of those people, if there is a person who play with his/her mobile phone and walking step by step, walking with his/her own will without thinking about others, suddenly I would feel irritate with that person.

Q7. The moment when you think you feel spiritful
Recently, if members talk about survival game,, I become spiritful. When I hear someone said something like [I wonder if I should start to play it too~] or [How you want to fight?], I would give some lecture immediately.

Q8. Who is the member who you should strict with?
Keito. He often said something like [I wonder if I should make my hair become perm], but actually, if his hair is really made become perm, he would become so down like the person who don’t want it, and he would make his hair straight immediately again. Even though like that, because he has to do that, Hikaru-kun always persuade him like [Please do it]. But he doesn’t listen to it. Also, when he said [I want to lengthen my hair], but he cuts it in the halfway, it always same pattern [I think I wanna lengthen it] [I think I wanna cut it].

Q9.  Who is the most strict member among JUMP?
Hikaru-kun. In the middle of rehearsal, he often give critics to other members. I think the same thing with him, but I am not the person who can tell it directly, so I think as something that need appreciation.

Q10. Your favorite spicy food?
If speaking about the food, I like spicy condiments. Chili’s pepper, Yuzu’s pepper. If eat udon I will use Japanese pepper (Shichimi), if pizza I will use Tabasco. There are people who make their food until looks red, but for me, I like moderate spicy.

Nakajima Yuuto

Q1. The recent “sweet” thing/event
Before this, I saw cool girls inside train. Her hairsyle is ponytail, but she just dye her front hair with bright color. She wear emerald green Skajan designed with dragon picture and three-quarter-length pants, it was really super original individual fashion. I admired her and think like [She can stick with her own style]. It’s a bit different meaning with love... but that’s a form of how to sweet to yourself.

Q2. The time  that you think you spoiled yourself
When I soaking in the bathtub and sleeping without drying my hair. My hair would be terrible when I wake up in the morning, but when you feel fresh after bath, it’s so annoying to use hairdryer.

Q3. Who is the member that you always spoil?
There is not. I am the type of person who speak something that I should speak. Hikaru-kun said that “the member who pamper Yabu-kun” is me? Really!? I can pamper someone? But, well, maybe it’s true, I talked much with Yabu-kun in the middle of rehearsal.  Even though I think like [It’s good if Yabu-kun can memorize the dance steps fastly, but even though I force myself to do that, I would not be able to do that!], I am still talk with him (laugh).

Q4. Among JUMP, who is the most spoiled member?
If I speak from the image in my mind, maybe Yama-chan, but maybe because he is so stubborn. And the member who returnee and seems be able to do romantic things is Keito.

Q5. Your favorite sweets.
Japanese sweets but recently I often eat Western sweets. I like it because it’s delicious. (The roll-cake that ever appear on Duet. Apricot taste.)

Q6. The recent thing/event that makes you irritate?
When I beat the drum in the middle of concert, it would straining if I feel nervous suddenly. There was time when I hardly beating the drum because I was too excited, but maybe because of that, my chest become hurt. Then, when the dance become awkward, you will having lost interest, right? That’s why, I become think like [whatever I do, I am still can not control myself], and I feel irritate with myself.

Q7. The moment when you think you feel spiritful
As I expected, when I completely immersed on my hobby. Because gradually, I will be obsessed with that. By the way, there are concert period now, my drum’s spirit is the highest!

Q8. Who is the member who you should strict with?
I can not tell you the special person for this. I do something like saying [it’s not like that] to the other other people, but I don’t have someone that I always said something like that. Honestly, I often see Keito did mistakes, but for the Keito’s case, because his mistakes often become something that funny, I can not warn him strictly.

Q9.  Who is the most strict member among JUMP?
I think the member who most strict and severe related with work is Yama-chan. He would think seriously like [Because we are in the period like this, it would be good if we do this].

Q10. Your favorite spicy food?
Chanjya! I feel happy when it put in the top of rice~   

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tsubasa_quilltsubasa_quill on July 12th, 2013 06:52 pm (UTC)
had most fun with chinen's answers XD cutie pie growing up <3 thanks so much!!
kenken18kenken18 on July 14th, 2013 07:59 am (UTC)
you're welcome.. hehehe