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12 July 2011 @ 10:11 am
Inoo Kei JUMPaper July 11, 2011  
Before you read, please follow the rules. If you want to share this article/video to your friend or other fans, please feel free to link back my journal. But please don't repost or re-translate my translation. That's rude, you know! Moreover if you admit my translation as yours, where's your manner? Keep translation alive with no repost and no re-translating!

I have translated the newest JUMPaper
At this time, Inoo Kei's turn.
He talked about hot summer..
and he give messages for every JUMP members too..
Even he made a hidden message for Ryutaro!
See how sweet this person!
Thanks to ohsojuicy21 for BETA-english!
enjoy this!

Inoo Kei JUMPaper 
July 11, 2011




Is everyone fine?


Inoo-chan is OK.


At this time, the temperature is too hot


Moreover, I think if it’s hot, maybe I can melt (laugh)


Please give me your energy (laugh)
I can’t move my body

Because my room doesn’t have a  cooler (laugh)

I want to defeat summer soon!!!

Especially, I won’t just defeat summer, and I'll struggle to add good muscle for SUMMARY (laugh)

I will write a little again





Chinen!!  You are the very first person who sent me mail on my birthday. I want to watch SMURF soon!

Yamada!! Please give me gyugyutto too!

Yuuto! I am not a drum, so don’t beat me <3

Keito! Recently, I think I saw Keito pass by, but in fact he was a very different person (laugh)

Hikaru!! I guess I have become an Ikemen since a long time ago. I’m looking forward for Ikemen Desu Ne.

Yabu!! To avoid gross feelings, please be careful with your hand (laugh) (kenken: WHAT ARE YOU DOING YABU TO INOO??)

Daichan! Your way to remember someone's birthdate is easy to understand. My favourite is Saffuro no Hi (kenken: His birthday: Saffuro 22-6, Daichan posted about the way of remembering JUMP’s member birthday in his JUMPaper last week)

Takaki! Your impersonation is too good (laugh). I feel really refreshed when I work together with you.


Read this everyone!! JUMP is always like a home for me, because of that I am always relieved.
Let’s meet in SUMMARY



No message for Ryutaro? No, he sent message for Ryutaro, but you just can see it, if you read the original Japanese JUMPaper....This is the message
This is the part where Inoo talked about hot summer. But actually, this is the part where he sent hidden message to Ryutaro. You have to understand Japanese to be able read that. Please read the most left letter only from down to up. It is written “Mo-ri-mo-to ha-ya-ku ka-e-tte-ko-i yo, OVER?”. That’s mean “Morimoto, please come back soon! Over!”(kenken: Inoo is too sweet, ILU..huhuhuhu from this I just can say, Ryutaro is needed for JUMP, JUMP is still want him to comeback!)


(maybe I have to make above letter into bigger size again? therefore you can read that clearly?

free for correct
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Maya: mood: lovemaya_hayashi on July 12th, 2011 01:49 am (UTC)
<333 Inoo-chan is dork, but that's so sweet :) Love him.
Thank you very much!
kenken18kenken18 on July 12th, 2011 03:43 am (UTC)
you're welcome...^^