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27 June 2011 @ 11:24 pm
My lovely readers, today is exactly one year after I made this community.
We have 1529 members now!
Thank you for always being my lovely reader.
Thank you for NOT being silent reader.
Thank you for giving comments on my translations.
Thank you for encouragement words to me.
Thank you for this wonderful one year, and funny comments that sometimes makes me smile a lot.

special photo from me for annivesary..XD
From now on, please support me and this community.
You can leave critics, or suggestion in this entry, or your impression to become member of this community. I want make improvement again in the future.
Thank you. I love you all.

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Today, I got personal message from kira_kitagawa , someone I never know, someone I never talk to..but she sent me a PM said

"Hi ^^
did you ask johnny san and johnnys entertainment to permite you to translate this articles, have you any permitions from them? XD
so how could you forbid it to anybody, That's rude, you know!
be honest. where's your manner? Keep japanese translation alive with no repost and no re-translating! ooor keep silence
pleaseeee xDDD"

My reaction first: "Uh...Wow". At least I know "permit" is not written as "permite" and plural form of permit is not written as "permitions". That's my first reaction.

But the next is I think "what she wants with that PM?". True, I never ask Johnny-san to translate magazine article. But hey,Johnny and Johnnys Entertainment don't have right to forbid me to translate magazine article. They just send their artist to magazine office, they DON'T own the article. If I have to ask permit, of course it would be Myojo, Popolo, Duet, etc. In this case, Myojo and the others magazines is publishing and selling it to the public. The consequence: information spreading, for example, when one girl buy Myojo and she talks with her friend about the Myojo article that she read, is that rude? is that no manner? Is the girl have to ask Myojo for giving her permit to tell the article to her friend? Same with me, I read the magazines, and I think "Ah this article is so interesting! I want to share it to people who can't read it!". What makes difference? The difference is I make effort to share that article to all of you. Why?

1. NOT all people understand Japanese (which is the original language of article)
2. NOT all people willing to share the article to other people EVEN THOUGH they understand Japanese
3. NOT all people willing to spare their time to translate something and moreover WITHOUT PAY

I don't mean to reference myself as a saint. But please, appreciate and respect me a bit. I never ask you to pay to read my translation, just abide the rules that I make in this community. If I say, NO REPOST AND NO RETRANSLATING, of course I have reason behind that. For people who can't abide my rules, please stay away from my community, don't ever read my translation again. If you can't understand English, LEARN! I can't believe in this globalization era, there is person who can't understand English. If you don't want learn English, learn Japanese, so you don't need read my translation, you can read the article from the original magazine directly. If you want translate it to other language besides English, DO IT BY YOURSELF! Don't re-translate my translation. Everyone can do it! For example,  If you want translate it into Russian to help other Russian fellow who can't understand English very well, please learn Japanese, and then you can translate the original article into Russian. DON'T RE-TRANSLATE MY EFFORT.

Next, please comment in my translation if you read them. That encourage me so much to translate...^^

Enough from me. Have a nice day. I will post the next translation in some hours later...please looking forward for it!

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This is my first hardsubbed video after maybe 1 year? or 2 years?? XD
I'm just installed various sub program in my computer..
and this video becomes my first experiment..
Sorry if this not too good...first time ne..XD

from now on, I will use Indonesian language..

Ini adalah video hardsub pertama saya, jadi klo ada yang kurang-kurang mohon dimaklumi ya..
Saya juga masih memperdalam ilmu nge-sub saya...:)
Dan tolong jangan diunggah ke website-website streaming kayak Youtube, bisa membahayakan saya itu..
Mohon kerja samanya!
Dan tolong komen dengan bahasa Indonesia..XD
Be proud with Indonesian language!
Ini nih previewnya..hohoho

NYC memberikan bunga pada KoyaMaru, dan penampilan "Telur Mimpi"! XD Collapse )
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